Save Money On Your Overhead Gantry Crane Training!

The Approved Code of Practice for Cranes (3rd edition 2009) states: "All persons operating or working with a crane must hold applicable unit standards as a minimum qualification and preferably hold the relevant National Certificate in Crane operation".

 The minimum requirement for operating a pendant or remote control travelling crane is NZQA unit standard 3800. We can help your team get this unit standard very easily. If your team use overhead gantry cranes but does not have this standard please call us today so that we can get it all sorted for you.

  • Booking is easy 
  • Onsite training 
  • Discounted courses for groups

No need to be registered for unit standards, we take care of all the details.

This course is designed to provide your team with the knowledge they need to inspect and operate overhead gantry cranes that are controlled by a remote hand held pendant.

The Gantry Crane training is conducted using your overhead crane, which means that your team stay on site. We will also train you using the types of items that you actually lift. This real world training is invaluable for your team.

One comment we often hear…

"We've been using our crane for years without any accidents or injuries".

We totally understand the comment above. Many people have been using overhead cranes for years without injury.

However we all know that near misses happen far too often. Chains and slings snap. People move loads without having clear visibility. Loads collide and expensive equipment gets damaged.

Near misses are just serious harm injuries waiting to happen.

Professional overhead gantry training reduces near misses and also ensures you and your employer are taking all practicable steps to keep people safe.


How to Book…

It's simple. Just give us a call on 0800 222 111 or email and we’ll take care of all the details.

Once your team have completed this training they’ll be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Knowledge of company procedures and requirements for lifting practices and overhead cranes
  • Knowledge of pendant and remote controlled cranes, monorail, and suspended hoists and lifting equipment
  • Knowledge of the care and safe use of pendant and remote controlled cranes, monorail, and suspended hoists and lifting equipment
  • Sling, lift, travel, and unload or place regular loads
  • Park crane and store equipment

The course takes a full day, and we can accommodate between one and six attendees at a time.

What’s the cost?

The industry standard cost for this course is around $420 + GST per person. Our aim is to save you money. Give us a call and we will work with you to make it affordable and easy.

Discounts on group bookings

For groups of four or more we can offer you significant savings.

Book Now…

Its simple just call us now on 0800 222 111 or email and we’ll take care of all the details.

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