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  • If you're using a pre-set fall arrest situation i.e. EWP, Cherry Picker, Ladder Rail or where the use of a pre-set system is in place then the 1 day Harness course is acceptable.
  • If you or your team will need to be able to set up a fall arrest system then the 2 Day Working at Heights Safety Training is what you need.

1 Day NZQA Harness Training – Unit Standard 23229

$297 + GST per person
NZQA Credits and Certificate lodged FREE of charge

Two Day NZQA Working at Heights Training – Unit Standard 23229, 17600, 15757

$497 + GST per person
NZQA Credits and Certificate lodged FREE of charge

Explanation of the unit standards…

Unit Standard Title Credit Value
17600 Explain Safe Work Practices for Working at Height  3
23229 Use a Harness for Personal Fall Protection When Working at Height (Pre-requisite for 15757) 4
15757 Use, Install, and Disestablish Proprietary Fall Arrest System when working at height 4

Here’s what we’ll cover on the 2 Day Working at Heights Course…

working at heightThe Height Safety course has been designed to give trainees both the theoretical and practical knowledge and awareness of height specific hazards, including:

  • Hazards associated with different work at heights (e.g. roofers, scaffolders, window cleaners, construction/builders, maintenance workers and inspectors)
  • Hierarchy of Fall Arrest and Fall Restraint
  • Fall distances vs forces exerted on the body
  • Suspension trauma
  • Isolation of height hazards vs minimisation
  • Appropriate PPE
  • Health & Safety in Employment Act, Regulations & Amendments (2002) and their impact on the height safety industry

What do you get when you’ve completed the course?

Once attendees have completed the course they will receive a certificate as well as an I.D card.

Harness Training

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