Do You Need An Elevated Work Platform Ticket?

"Doing nothing is no longer an option"
Elevated Work Platform Training is now required by law

elevated work platform ticket

If you need NZQA Elevated Work Platform Training don’t worry. We’ll make your training affordable and get it all organised for you without any hassle.

Getting your team trained up so that they meet the new best practice guidelines for the safe use of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms is really easy and doesn’t need to be expensive.

Call now on 0800 222 111 or email to secure your place.

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How Much Does Elevated Work Platform Training Cost?

We are currently offering discounted courses. Please call us now on 0800 222 111 to see how we can help save you money.

Why Use Elevated Access New Zealand Ltd For Your Elevated Work PlatformTraining?

  • Minimal Cost – Our aim is always to save you money. We’ll find the easiest option to get your team the Elevated Work Platform Training they need, for the least possible cost.
  • Get It Done Now – We have Elevated Work Platform Training Courses running every week. This means your guys can get the EWP training they need straight away, allowing them to get on with the job.
  • Accredited Trainers – Our accredited and experienced trainers provide informative and engaging courses, whilst maintaining an element of fun. Training doesn’t need to be boring!
  • elevated work platform trainingSave Money. Do It On Site – We have a number of purpose built training facilities around New Zealand. However if it's easier for you, we'll happily come to your site and train your team there. This gives your team a real world experience on the scissor lifts and knuckle booms that they’ll be using. This will be a valuable experience.
  • One Attendee or Six – It Doesn’t Matter – We can accommodate single attendees or groups, which ever suits you works for us.
  • Booking Is Easy – Just call us. We’ll discuss your needs, get your guys booked in and then send you a booking confirmation. This will include all of the details you need.
  • Payment Is Easy – Once you’re booked in, you’ll receive an invoice that can be paid by direct bank transfer or by your accounts department… easy.
  • Immediate Proof – From experience we understand that sometimes you’ll need immediate evidence of your training before your Elevated Work Platform Ticket arrives. No Problem. We’ll happily send you an email verifying your attendance.

What Our Clients Say:

"Here at Bishman Ltd, our number one priority is our employees' safety. Elevated Access New Zealand has helped us to ensure that our guys are adequately trained to safely use scissor lifts and boom lifts. Proper training makes the guys more confident and efficient which is a benefit to our clients. We highly recommend Elevated Access to help you with your training requirements”.

Regan – Bishman Ltd – Electrical Contractors

Our Elevated Work Platform Training 1 Day Courses

We offer NZQA Unit Standard Elevated Work Platform Operator Training courses. 

The table below shows the NZQA Units available for mobile elevated platforms. Our standard Elevated Work Platform Course covers:

Scissor Lifts and Self-Propelled Boom Lifts but we can carry out any of the units below. We can even add in an extra module if you don’t mind staying a little longer. Often people want to include the Towable Cherry Picker training module.

Elevated Work Platform Ticket

Elevated Work Platform Training – Frequently Asked Questions…

Q. Do I need to have an NZQA number?

A. No, we sort all of that as part of the Elevated Work Platform Training.

Q. What if my employee struggles with reading and writing?

A. Your attendee is allowed to bring along some help if required or we can just test them verbally.

Elevated Work Platform CourseQ. How long does it take to get my operator's card?

A. Processing normally takes 2 weeks, should you need evidence of passing the course prior to that we can provide this for you.

Q. Do I need to do harness and height training as well?

A. Although many sites will only ever ask to see your Elevated Work Platform Ticket (Operator Card), to meet the best practice guidelines and take all practicable steps, you should also complete this basic harness and height training as soon as you can. We can help here too.

Q. I need training right now, can you help!

A. If a Worksafe Inspector has visited your site and insists that you get the necessary Elevated Work Platform Ticket or you just need the training so that you can start work, call us straight away, we’ll do what we can to help you.

Q. What if I fail?

A. We won’t let you fail. In the unlikely event that the trainer feels that you’re not quite ready to receive your Elevated Work Platform Ticket (NZQA Standard Card) on the day, we will help you gain the extra experience you require and then re assess you a few weeks later. We do this at no further cost.

Q. What do I get when I pass? 

A. You will receive your NZQA EWP Operator Training card ( Elevated Work Platform Ticket ) and a certificate of attendance if required.

If you have any questions or just want a quote just contact us, we’d love to help you.


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