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New Zealand’s First SJlll 4740 Has Just Landed…

When you need serious reach, un-matched performance and peace of mind, the Skyjack SJlll 4740 ticks all the boxes.

Current land costs are driving building costs hire, the result of this is that we’re building our buildings higher to make the most of the available space.

The obvious result of this is that the demand for scissor lifts with a higher reach capability is on the rise.

Elevated Access New Zealand are very excited to announce the arrival of the latest Skyjack Scissor lift, the amazing SJlll 4740!

It has a whopping reach of 13.8m working height, and combines this with the simplicity and robustness of all Skyjack scissor lifts.

So if you’re looking for an electric scissor lift with some serious reach and you want the safety and peace of mind that the Skyjack offers, give us a call and come and have a look at the latest machine in the Skyjack range.

We’ll be doing a machine review of this unit in the coming months.

GREAT NEWS! We’ve added Niftylift Cherry Pickers to our Range of Trailer Mounted Cherry Pickers

Nifty Lift Towable Cherry Pickers have been a popular choice amongst Hire Companies such as Kennards Hire for many years, Elevated Access New Zealand are proud to now be able to Offer Snorkel and Niftylift Cherry Pickers…

Niftylift’s road towable trailer mounted cherry pickers can be transported easily from site to site and set up quickly using manual or hydraulic outriggers. They are built to be as light and compact as possible and offer an excellent working envelope for their size, with working heights ranging from 9m (30ft) to over 21m (69ft).

Easy to use proportional controls make them simple to operate and features such as telescopic booms, fly-booms, platform rotation, traction drive and hydraulic outriggers all help to maximise their effectiveness.

The team at Elevated Access are really excited about the potential of the hydraulic drive option, with this feature the customer will be able to unhitch the unit from the tow vehicle and then easily move the unit into position without the need of the tow vehicle!

For more information on Niftylift products, give us a call on 0800 222 111

Product Review – Skyjack SJ16 Vertical Mast Lift

When you need a self-propelled scissor lift, but your floor can’t quite take the 1.5T weight of a standard scissor lift or your work area is very tight the Skyjack SJ16 self propelled mast lift is such a great alternative!

First of all, it’s a Skyjack so it’s build quality is great, the paint finish is excellent and just like the Skyjack Electric Scissor Lifts, it’s ridiculously reliable.

With a working height of 6.75m and weighing in at only 966Kg, it’s a whole lot of access equipment for not very much money.

The first thing you notice about the SJ16, is when you want to go fast it can really move! The SJ16 climbed up our wet trailer ramps without any issues.

We towed the machine easily to a local winery who needed a machine to access the top of their mixing tanks, the work site was really tight, we’d tried a Skyjack 3219 scissor lift in there the week before, our equipment specialist thought that the customer would prefer the SJ16 for the type of work they were doing.

The Skyjack SJ16 mast lift was the machine for the job!

And it really was perfect, with a zero inside turning radius the mast lift easily manoeuvred around barrels, pipes and pumps without any problems.

The controls of the machine are super easy and the machine is very smooth, the customer said that “it’s like being carried in the arms of a robot to where you need to be” I think that’s a perfect description.

Things we like about the Skyjack SJ16 Mast Lift

  • Easy to use
  • Feels solid
  • The manoeuvrability
  • Mast stack is totally protected from debris
  • 0.41m Roll out extension deck

No one machine is perfect for every job and the SJ16 is no different, it would be nice to have another meter of reach (I know the Skyjack factory are working on this) and not all of the SJ16’s are fitted with the wind rating kit which means that you can use the machine outside without any issues (only up to 5.65m though).

We do stock the wind rating kits and also have wind rated SJ16’s ready to go.


The SJ16 is a fantastic machine for the money, possibly one of the best vertical mast lifts available in the world.

Robust and reliable a machine that’s going to be hassle free, the cost of ownership will also be very low due to inexpensive parts and its overall simplicity.

The SJ16 is slightly more expensive than the super popular Skyjack 3219, but when space and weight restrictions are a challenge, you really can’t go wrong with one of these. Highly recommended!

If you’re a plumber or an electrician, it’s worth considering one of these on a trailer as it makes a very light towing package.

For more info click here:

Customers in Action:

We love seeing our customers in action! Using their machines in real life situations, we’re proud to be their chosen suppliers of scissor lifts and boom lifts.

This month we are featuring…

The Christian Harvest Church

Elevated Access New Zealand were first contacted by the Peter from the Christian Harvest Church to offer advice on how they could help make adjusting their lights far safer and quicker.

Peter made it quite clear from the outset that although price was important, safety of his team was far more important.

One of our sales reps visited the church, measured up and confirmed that Peters original machine of choice the Skyjack 3219 Scissor Lift was the ideal machine for the job.

Upon delivery the machines folding rails came in handy as the door heights were very low, but once into the church the Skyjack performed perfectly and allowed Rueben to get exactly where he needed to easier and quicker than ever!

New Customers…

We love it when a customer’s new scissor lift helps them save or make money, let’s see who’s joined the Elevated Tribe this month…

Elevated Access recently supplied Mitre 10 Mega Lincoln Road a Skyjack 4626 Electric Scissor Lift.Prav explained to the team at Elevated Access NZ that the safety of his staff and contractors whilst working at height is the management teams number one priority.

Prav says, “having access equipment on site 24/7 reduces the need to hire access equipment and also allows repairs and maintenance to be carried out as and when required

Commercial Roller Door Repairs

Joe and his team who are a very experienced group of scissor lift operators, who use scissor lifts to install commercial roller doors have just invested in a Skyjack 3219 scissor lift and single axle trailer package.

They had been hiring pretty much constantly and decided it was time to invest and own the asset themselves.

The Elevated team look forward to supporting Joe and his team.

Skyjack SJ16Skyjack SJ16


Castle Portable Buildings and Access Hire

Castle Portable Buildings and Access Hire have recently invested in another rough terrain scissor lift to help grow their fleet of access equipment hire machines.

Castle currently have a great mix of electric scissor lifts, boom lifts and rough terrain scissor lifts as well as a few push around units.

Scissor Lift Maintenance with top tech Steve

Top tech Steve is one of the most well respected and experienced access equipment technicians in New Zealand, we are proud to have him and ASL as part of our service team, here’s the Guru himself answering your questions.

  • This month the Guru answers a question on Scissor Lift Battery Maintenance and Greasing…

How often should I check the water level in the batteries?

We hear that question a lot!

If you want your batteries to last it’s best to check them as often as possible, if you’re a hire company checking water levels on your scissor lift batteries can become a bit more challenging, but at $250 dollars a battery it’s worth putting the onus on the hirer to keep the batteries topped up with deionised water.

Checking battery water levels should be part of the daily checks, once a week would be the very minimum we’d suggest. Daily is best!

They should be filled up just below the plastic breather and above the plates when looking inside the cell.  It’s important to use deionised water.  Ordinary tap water should not be used because it may contain an excessive amount of impurities that will degrade battery performance.

Avoid overfilling as it will lead to water/acid leaking out the breather caps. Keep tops of batteries clean and terminals coated in terminal protector.

If you need deionised water for your scissor lift or boom lift batteries, we can supply it in 20L containers.

How often should we grease the pivot points?

It is important to keep all pivot points lubricated. 

King pin and steer pins also have grease nipples. Just 1 pump of grease every couple of weeks will keep wear to a minimum.  It is also important to lubricate pivot points on scissor stack with a spray on lube such as Z lube.

If you have a technical question just drop us a line.

Ready to Tow:

When you need to cut down on hire costs, purchasing a scissor lift on a trailer is an excellent way to go, the team at Elevated Access are very proud of the scissor lift and trailer packages they supply.

By working directly with the trailer manufactures to design the scissor lift trailers from the ground up and making continuous improvements to every trailer produced the trailers packages supplied are second to none.

Here in the Ready to Tow section we will list one or two of the scissor and trailer packages that are ready to go.

If you have any questions about different scissor lift and trailer packages give us a call, we’ll happily help you buy the right scissor lift and trailer package at an unbeatable price.

Tow and Go Special

This month we have two scissor lift and trailer package specials!

Skyjack 3219 scissor lift and single axle trailer, giving you 7.79m of working height and rated for indoor and outdoor use, and the trailer is so nice to tow, you’ll actually forget that you’re towing anything at all.

Save $$$ Call for a very special price.

Skyjack 3226 and tandem axle trailer, this package is amazing for two reasons.

  1. It gives you a massive 9.9m working height
  2. You can tow it on a normal trailer, no electric brakes or expensive scissor lift trailers required.

We have limited numbers of these 9.9m scissor lift and trailer packages available, call today for more information.


Since April the demand for mobile elevating work platform courses and height and harness courses has gone through the roof, we’ve added 4 – 6 additional courses per month to help ensure that you can get on a course when you need to.

If you need NZQA Access Equipment training or height and harness training let us know and we’ll get you on a course straight away without and hassle.

For more information you can click here or give us a call on 0800 222 111

Used Equipment:

Buying a brand new scissor lift or knuckle boom is often a better investment than purchasing a used scissor lift, however for some companies the initial outlay is too much or you may just need a scissor lift to get you through a project.

Sometimes the decision to buy a used scissor lift is the right one.

Our used scissor lifts and used access equipment hardly ever even makes it as far as the websites used page, our regular customers normally snap them.

If you’re looking for a used scissor lift let us know, chances are the scissor lift you need is here but is on the verge of being sold!

This month’s top pic from the used scissor lift stock is this…

A fresh FACTORY rebuilt Snorkel 2770 rough terrain scissor lift, giving 10m of working height and 5 years of certification for a price that’s unbelievable!

This machine has had a full rebuild in the Snorkel factory, new pins and bushes, new wiring loom, new paint and a NEW ENGINE!

It’s an absolute bargain at $37,000 + GST a brand new one is nearly $60,000 + GST

If you’re interested in this machine call Terry on 021 500 486 to see if it’s still available.

Industry News

We’re about to unleash a new beast!

The NEW Skyjack SJ30 AJE/ARJE

With over 10m of working height, Regenerative braking, 35% gradeability, Speed and angle sensing traction control and more features than you can shake a stick at, this electric boom lift is going to be a huge hit.

We can’t wait to get our hands on one for a product review.

Get in touch TODAY… We look forward to helping you!