New Vertical Mast Lifts

Ladders Too Dangerous? No Problem…

New legislation is making using ladders in the work place nearly impossible. Just changing a $10 dollar light tube can turn into a $700 dollar mission.

There is a better way…

Museums, Factories, warehousing, schools and many companies are investing in these inexpensive Self-Propelled Vertical Mast Lifts. You will love the low purchase price, ease of use and the ability to easily store your machine away in a cupboard!

What are your Self-Propelled Vertical Mast Lift Options?

We have a number of Vertical Mast Lift options available for you. Snorkel and Skyjack Vertical Mast Lifts are the choice of the hire companies. They appreciate the low purchase price and the low lifetime cost of ownership… not to mention the bullet proof reliability.

If you’d like to know which machine would best suit you, give us a call now on 0800 222 111, we'd love to help you…


Self-Propelled Vertical Mast Lifts – Just Some of the Benefits:

  • Low Cost
  • Amazing Reach
  • SJ12 Can Be Used Outside
  • Drive Whilst At Full Height
  • Ideal For Construction, Maintenance & Stock-Picking
  • Low Cost of Ownership/Maintenance
  • Small Footprint
  • Fits Through Standard Doorways
  • 2 People and Tools Capacity

Which model should you choose?

We only stock the very best brands and our aim is always to save you money. You will enjoy peace of mind just knowing that you’re getting the right machine at the very best price.

When it comes to Vertical Mast Lifts Snorkel and Skyjack are possibly the best machines money can buy. Choosing between the two brands can be difficult because each has its benefits. Call us and we’ll do our very best to help you decide which bests suit your purpose.

Please note that stock of these units moves fast so call us now on 0800 222 111 to avoid disappointment.

Service, Warranty and Back Up…

"Our Warranty & Service policy is simple… When you need us, we’re there".

All of our new machines are totally covered by the manufacturer's warranty. We also have a nationwide service network. For more information please click on the Warranty and Service page, or simply give us a call with your question.

6 Monthly Safety Certification

Getting a 6 monthly safety certificate is simple, quick and inexpensive.

Every 6 months your machine will get a need safety certification. It’s just like a warrant of fitness on your car, except we come to you. The cost is around $160 dollars. We suggest on the second of these visits, the technician carrying out the inspection also carries out any servicing.

Get in touch TODAY… We look forward to helping you!